On my way

Getting ready to leave the house for the airport now.  We’re waiting on my brother.

Let me just say that I have never gotten choked up leaving the house before.  And here I am, teary-eyed just thinking about it.

It seems the past few years, the house has never been the same.  Mom was sick back then. The change was the fact that we didn’t have her out and about with us much.  Then mom got sicker, but she was still able to converse a bit.  The last time, the house once again went empty with a little bit of hope.

And now it is just empty.

We cleared out most of her stuff.  A few drawers here and there I will come back to clear out.  Emotionally, I can’t do any more tossing things out.

Everyone is adjusting well.  Dad is finally willing to let go of mom’s things in his room. We are introducing Pueng to a little bit of new policy at a time as one big sudden change would totally throw her off.  I taught her to make oatmeal for dad this morning.  She started to change her routine a bit too.  Dad and I bought a bunch of new dishes and silverware yesterday as well.

It’ll be next year before I return here.  By that point, the construction of the new family  business, Portico Langsuan, should be close to finish.  Things are going be different around here…

Alrighty.  Off I go.  See you in the US.

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