Out with the Old

Our new-to-us HD is coming in tomorrow.

Our new TV stand will actually get to serve its true purpose.  (And Brandon is loving the new computer armoire.)

Since the TV stand is coming in, we had to move the old Ikea black entertainment center out which Brandon and our neighbor Jerry did left it out for alley scavengers.  The much loved TV finds a new home with 4 college girls in the rented house in our complex.

Thus our living room has to be rearranged some more.  At this moment it looks like Hurrican Katrina had just came by, so I’ll take a picture for you when we’re completely finished.  And that rearrangement bled into my little “cave”.

The tall beech Ikea bookshelf, formerly home to our DVDs, is now in my office replaceing Brandon’s old black wood bookshelf which will go where the TV stand is at currently.  More space for his computer stuff.  Another Ikea simple wood utility shelf which is our bookshelf has moved from the left side of where TV stand is going in to the right side where the Ikea bookshelf used to be.

Yer get all that?  It’s totally like a furniture musical chairs around here.

What a way to end another busy day.  It’s a lot like last Saturday, actually.  We started at Brandon’s client’s house with baby Mia and my puppy boyfriend Jake.  I watched the first half of the Trojans steamrolling over the drunken Irish and finished the second half at home.  38-0, baby.  But yes, the team still plays a little bit off but Sanchez is like a different guy today from last week.

New QB is working out well for us.

So, yes.  Tonight I celebrate the New.

Tomorrow, I get to put everything back in the old place…so at least I can have some floor space to lay out and pin my Jedi top.  Otherwise, this Jedi will have to go topless on Halloween.  Not that Brandon would mind…but I don’t think the police and my office wouldn’t like that very much.  Hehe.

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