I have done a LOT this weekend, well, aside from throwing up bad fish and chips.

For one, we got ourselves a new couch…


…and a new “computer station”.


Brandon and I haven’t had a new couch since we have gotten together, so this is quite a big deal for us. We don’t really own much of any “real” furnitures. It’s either Ikea, Target, or someone gave us something. It’s quite a huge leap into respectable adulthood over here.

Now, the TV stand, replacing a folding card table, is acting as Brandon’s computer station for the moment. We’re looking into a computer armoir so he can hide all of his computer gadgets when he doesn’t have a project to work on. Once we get the armoir, that TV stand is going to replace our current 10-year-old Ikea entertainment center, which will in turn allow us the room to upgrade our TV to an HD, which will in turn provide a justification for us to get a Playstation 3.


With all of these new additions to our humble apartment, we have been busy all weekend rearranging our space. Well, mainly me, reorganizing my closet and office to move things in and out. So far, it’s working out great. I actually have more room in my closet now than I need, but we’ll see how long that’ll last. LOL

So while we waited for the couch to arrive, I watched my Boys in Cardinal and Gold owning Washington State 47-14 while making dinner of home cooked chicken soup made from scratch (Thanks Martha Stwart!) and organizing my room at half-time. With the protection coating on the couch, we couldn’t even sit on it last night. I spent the rest of the evening watching Torchwood on the floor.

Brandon still can’t quite get into Torchwood but I’m all over it because I’m hooked on Gwen, the police officer turned Torchwood agent. I still didn’t like Captain Jack Harkness that much in this. He felt all stiff too me, but I was just starting warm up to him this last episode. (The gun range scene…me-ow! Sign me up for lesson anyday, Captain!)

But having just seen Dr. Who’s “Utopia” episode where Jack’s running wild, flirting with everybody and every species, I REALLY do like his character. I mean, where is THIS Captain Jack in Torchwood?!? It makes me wonder what happened between now and then that makes him all cold and bitter. It was more like he was trying hard to appear Vulcan. A charismatic guy walking around trying to be all emotionless, and what you have was a walking piece of hardwood flooring. That explains what I thought was bad acting…he was just trying so hard to not show any emotions! Ah-ha!

Finally, by popular demand, here are the pictures of my cupcake creations.

The Pirate Cupcakes (Devil’s food cake with chocolate rum frosting)…


…and my Little Piggies made with the Pig Pickin’ cake recipe.



  1. OC G33K   •  

    Those pig cup cakes are awesome looking!

  2. Korbua   •  

    so unfair… i want those pig picking cupcakes!!!! send me one send me one!!!

  3. Korbua   •  

    I WANT THOSE PIG PICKING CUPCAKES!!!! OI OI OI i’m so getting fatter and fatter… poor me… *sob sob*

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