Night Owl

I miss being a night owl.

With my work schedule and daily life, I can’t really stay up till midnight and head to work.  I mean, given that I get to sleep on my way in to work, but I’d still be tired there.  Sometimes, my body seems to function well with a little sleep as long as I nap hard during my commute or sleep really well at night.  But those nights are few and far between.

I love working on the computer later at night versus earlier in the evening.  For one thing, I seem to write better when the house is dark and Brandon is in bed.  I mean, Brandon is usually playing his game, so he doesn’t bother me or anything but it’s a shift in the space when he goes to bed.  I guess he feels the same about me when I go to bed.

See why we are so compatible?  🙂

As much of a social animal as I am, deep down I too am a hermit.  But I can only hermit for a few days before I get the cabin fever.  I mean, I’ve been home for two days I’m already get the jitters.  Brandon on the other hand can go without people for a good long time.  But I digress.

Last night I wasn’t up so late.  I did so much during the day–taking boxes of books to the post office to mail out to the troops for Operation Paperback, carrying groceries and doing loads of laundry–that by dinner time, my back seized up.  I have this issue with my back muscles tensing up when I’m stressed out, but yesterday was more because of heavy lifting, I’m sure.

I mean, my back doesn’t hurt per se, but it was so tensed I could barely breathe or move.  Major discomfort.  Brandon handed me an anti-inflammatory to take after dinner.  My back soon relaxed.  Maybe it’s the pill.  Maybe it’s the certain parts of “The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy”.  But sure enough, after the movie is done, I fell fast asleep.

But tonight, even filled with turkey and wine and bliss from USC’s victory over ASU, I just didn’t feel tired.

So, I stayed up to research ideas for Christmas gifts.  I started in on a few little things already and eying a bunch more.  I think we will make family photo book for Brandon’s side of the family.  It’ll be something I’d gladly work on during the break.  I also ordered my special set of greeting cards from which will go out to my family.

While working at it, about an hour ago, a fight broke out somewhere down in my alley way.  It started with a loud tire screech.  I heard some mumbled conversations.  And then this lady started screaming bloody murder.  I couldn’t really make out what she was saying and from my window, I couldn’t see the action.  Then there were more voices, guy’s angry voices, and bottle shattering.  I assumed that was some bottles from that “thoonk” noise, you know what I mean…right?   Some more screaming, yelling and more crashing of things.  I was getting worse.  I went to the phone and was getting ready to dial the local police when I heard sirens…but I think that was the siren from the local firehouse and not the cops.  Nonetheless, the commotion faded away very quickly.

And if I was in bed, I probably miss all of that.

We have had a window fan going in our bedroom since the summer.  It’s not only provide the cool breeze we need, but also cut down on the voices from our neighbors, both the casual yappers on the balcony and the “F-Bombers” downstairs in their garages.  Now it is a white noise we can’t live without.

The thermostat was set to a certain degree, and when it got cooler a few nights ago, the fan turned itself off.  Both of us woke up almost instantly to the lack of noise.  I wonder how we’re going to do this when it gets a lot cooler this winter.  Well, *IF* it ever gets cooler.

The apartment is still warm from the oven.  And it still smells mildly like the turkey gravy out there.

I got a 5-lb. turkey breast from the store and I brined it with my friend Candice’s recipe. It’s so frickin’ delicious!  And we had mashed potatoes, Stove-Top stuffing and gravy.  That’s it.  And that’s all.  Green beans casserole?  That’s my favorite, but I’ll be the only one eating that so it’s not really worth the effort.  We still have a LOT of homemade bacon mac & cheese I made the other night to get through.  I don’t need any more leftover in my fridge right now.

Well, I guess I rambled on long enough.  It’s been a while since I have a late night rant.  So, there you guys go.  🙂

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