What a year!

Okay. It was unnecessarily showy for an easy touch down. But can you blame him…or us? [Picture by Wally Skalij / Los Angeles Times.]

USC beats Illinois to a pulp 49-17 and won our 94th Rose Bowl Championship.

All because of this little man.


USC hasn’t lost a game since Joshua started to “watch” the game with his mom J.C. Heh.

Fight on, y’all!

ETA: Well…now that the Trojan talk is out of the way…

We had a great New Year celebration at my place last night. The original plan was for Nora came up and spent the night, which she did. The unexpected was that James and Aurora called just as I was going to start cooking to accept our invitation to dinner which I extended many days ago. LOL. But that’s okay. The more, the merrier!

I managed to serve dinner somewhat on time and we all were very well fed. Lots of booze between me and Nora (shots of Limoncello, a bottle of white wine, a few beers and a flute a piece of blood orange mimosa), and a cordial serving of champagne for Aurora. Oh, and there were these too…


The girls watched Ratatouille before and right after dinner and then Stardust (which is fast becoming our most favorite film) after that. The boys sort of watched the movies as well when they weren’t too busy looking at funny stuff on the internet. We paused Stardust just before the final showdown to countdown and welcomed 2008.

Oh, and the hot water situation has been entirely solved. For a few days after the return of hot water, we didn’t have any cold water. Haha. That seems to be taken care of now.

So far, it’s been a good 2008. 🙂

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