Athena needs a home ASAP

ETA #2: The girls couldn’t place Athena in a shelter so they dumped her at Cal State Long Beach.  Apparently there is a ground where people feed all the strays and feral cats.

Thanks everyone for the help to try to place Athena in a good home even from the shelter.

ETA: The manager came back on Saturday afternoon, and once again lost her shit about the cat. The girls had to take Athena to a shelter straight away.

We have all SUNDAY to get her to a home. The girls are going to take her to a shelter on Monday.

However, I have her shelter information if you STILL want to adopt this little girl. Email me.


Athena wandered in to our apartment complex over a month ago. I didn’t start writing about her until the end of March. Slowly but surely, she stole everyone’s heart. She is an outdoor cat as far as we know, claws and all, but she has a very good potential to adapt to being inside.

I mean, she stays put in the courtyard and never really wander too far off during the day. You can always find her napping on the wicker chairs, or under one of the bushes in the courtyard. As to her potty-training, we have spotted her going to the bathroom only on the dirt patches and not on the grass. I don’t know if that means anything though. Hahah!

Athena may be an outdoor kitty, and a little skittish around sudden movement still. But she is all LOVE. And fur. Once she’s used to you, you cannot possibly get her off your lap. Or your bag. Like our “perhaps this is the last time” goodbye this morning.


Athena in pictures and 2 video clips

Athena in my own words

Seriously. Help me find a home for this little girl. Pretty please!

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  1. Cliff   •  

    Bring the cat over to my place this weekend, I’m having a BBQ……I mean it will find a permanent home…..I mean well you know. =)~

    MMMMMM BBQ Cat Chops!!

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