It ain’t suit me

I may hide my extra 5 lbs. gain well.  But when none of my 3 pants-suits and 2 skirt-suits fits, it’s a sign.

My expanded hips, strangely, interferes with the length of my pants.

All of my pants on the suits are cut a little loose because I hate tight pants. So all of them sag a little to the floor and therefore give me room for the heels.

Now my Asian J-Lo butt fills in to the pants so they fit correctly. However, my length of the pants are affected. They are all too short for any non-sneakers/flipflop shoes I own.

The black standby skirt-suit skirt is also affected. It is now a little too tight…and wayyyy too short.

Needless to say, Brandon likes that skirt.  😉

The only suit left in the closet was from a bigger friend. Even after going through a tailor, my jacket still looks like a loaner from an older sister. That didn’t fly either.

I just have to improvise on the “Business Attire” wardrobe until I lose the 5lbs. Or go to Thailand to buy more suits.  Which I probably wouldn’t find because of my giant ass.

Yes. 5 lbs. extra and I’m fat for my clothes.

You know, in Thai standard, I am also a total heifer at the moment. In American standard, you can’t really tell.

I just have to work out more to keep eating the way I do.

Aging sucks.


  1. Olaina   •  

    try 30. I think I’m ready to die now. I just made myself stop eating before I polished off a whole box as a “serving” of mac’n’cheese.


    I thought living here would get me running everyday, but not yet! Not yet….

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