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The four girls reunited for another girls dinner. This time, we feasted at Beachwood Barbecue.  Three of us did the appetizer-for-dinner with a skillet of the best Mac and Cheese on the planet, steamed clams, stuffed artichokes and a pot of cheese + beer fondue with lovely hush puppies, smoked meatballs, spicy sausages and some other fixings.  Aurora, who can’t even have a taste of dairy until she stops breastfeeding, nibbled on a few non-dairy items and enjoyed her plate of venison.

We had a fantastic time up until the very last bites when the Lakers took a turn for the worst, and until this dude interrupted us.


At least he had the sense to wait until mommy was done with dinner to start fussing! 🙂

And yes, it was mom’s idea to put a dollar bill down his front.  He was “dancing” on the table after all!


  1. Amy @ The Q Family   •  

    Funny. Don’t know why I just found your fellow Thai blog. Love your funny blog. I think I will be spending time reading your older blogs for my summer reading. 🙂

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