Oh yeah. Friday was a HELL of a day.

It actually started Thursday night.

Thursday night

We had dinner and sampled ridiculous variety of beer with Paul and Lupe at Beachwood Barbecue. I finally had my Mac and Cheese, the BEST I’ve had and lord knows  how many sips of whats I had.  Nice and buzzed, I got home to a monstrous task of trying to watch most DVR’ed shows as I can before we get the box replaced on Friday.  And what a week to have the DVR taken away too!  Since I haven’t been home all week, Brandon practically didn’t even turn on the TV.  Everything we usually watched remain untouched all week.  I was up until 1 a.m. trying to catch up.  I got to watch the rest of House, Heroes, Lost and 2 sections of Castle before I crawled to bed.

Frakkin’ Friday

8:30 – Left the house for doctor’s office on Spring and Palo Verde in Long Beach.  Brandon was up starting to do some transfer of a week’s worth DVR’ed stuff before the cable guy gets in to replace the box.   He managed to grab NCIS, The Mentalist (Rigsby kissing the Red Head under hypnosis…AWESOME!!), and most of Top Gear Vietnam episode.

8:45 – Poked and prodded and got 2 huge tubes of blood drawn.

9:45 – Left doctor’s office. Stopped at Nick’s in Los Alamitos to pick up breakfast on the way home.

10:15 – Ran out to optometrist appointment over by the traffic circle in Long Beach.

10:30 – Air puffed into eyeballs and all that fun. Made appointment for eye dilation test and further investigation to see if I could be a candidate for laser eye surgery.

11:45 – Arrived early to Underground Salon on Stearns and Bellflower.  Brandon decided on purchasing the Samsung Omni, so I’d meet up with him at the Verizon store at 1. Kicked myself for not having thought of this before CA sales tax went up.

New hair cut

New hair cut

12:00 – It was decided. I was getting side-swept bang.  My stylist Shua is awesome and has fantastic sleeves.  It was kind of surreal when a blurry Elvis on her bicep was staring at me in the face.

12:45 – Walked into the Verizon store on Bellflower and Spring with 4 inches less of hair and a side-swept bang.

1:45 – Leaving Brandon alone at the Verizon store to wrap up the transfer to the Omni (with pink silicon case for me!)  to run to the dental appointment over on Paramount and Del Amo.

2:00 – Getting minor cavities fixed.

2:45 – Heading home to meet up with Brandon to go to the next appointment.

3:45 – Arrived at the next appointment at Pine and Ocean.

7:45 – Got back home.

8:00 – Wiped out.  Heard poor Wyatt was the only one at the Long Beach Tweet Up.  And we had to flake out on the pub crawl because we were too damn tired.

8:30 – Crawled into bed.

Saturday morning

…it continued.

9:00 – AIDS Ride benefit breakfast for our friend Greg at Rick & Brian’s Cafe on Redondo with James, Aurora, Lee and Dresden.

Behold, the cuteness.


11:00 – Grocery shopping. FINALLY! After weeks of not having anything in the fridge.

12:00 – Back at James & Aurora for Dresden’s delayed 1st birthday party.

4:30 – Left the party. Took a nap. Worked on some stuff.

7:30 – Left to Celeste’s birthday party.

11:00 – Crawled into bed.


…we just hid from the world, getting ready for Monday.  Can you blame us?

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