Love. Labor. Loss.


Elans Wedding (38)

On Saturday, two major events for me that set the happy tone for the rest of the long weekend.

First, the Trojans kicked Virginia’s butt up and down the field 52-7 which put the team in #1 spot in AP poll.  Watching Mark Sanchez, our new quarterback, TACKLED some dude to block for his running back (tailback?) was just awesome.

Still high on the Trojan spirit, Brandon and I flit up to town for the wedding of our friend Elan to her beau Chris.  The wedding took place at the beautiful hidden gem of Wilshire Ebell.  Elan actually used to live just a few blocks away from the place.  And I used to live just a mile down the road and I didn’t even know this place existed.

It was no doubt a glamorous event but yet so casual and friendly, as only Elan could have done it.  Elegant without being pretentious, effortlessly glamorous. Just like Elan.  🙂

Chris, the Berkeley educated Aussie, and Elan met in the U.K. where they currently live.  So the crowd at the wedding came from as close as a few blocks away to as far as Australia, as young as a few months old to grandparents age.  But not more than 100 people filled the ballroom and danced to the big band.

Yes, BIG BAND.  Who does that any more these days?!  What did I say about glamorous!

Since there was no topping Elan’s wedding, we took it easy on Sunday.  Brandon and I picked up some burger buns and the Fresh & Easy $4.99 grill pack and headed over to James and Aurora’s.  The big boys grilled while Dresden hung out with Aurora, her sister Lee, and I as we sang out heads off on Karaoke Revolution: American Idol Encore.  (That grill pack could’ve fed one more person, by the way.  What a deal!)


Labor Day Monday was mildly laborious for us.  Brandon and I slept till noon, and since we weren’t sure what opened on Labor Day, we cruised around the neighborhood looking for lunch.  Paul’s Place provided the usual comfort of burgers and chili fries.

Once we got home, we dug ourselves out our laundry now that the dryer which has been broken all week is finally fixed. While on laundry watch, we played Castle Crashers on XBox Live until our hands cramped up. It hurt sooooo good!

Over dinner of Mac & Cheese and bacon, we watched In the Valley of Elah.  And that led us to…


Paul Haggis’ war statement movie did indeed make a statement, at the very end.  One subtle scene and turn the whole movie upside down, and when the dust settles, the statement was clear.

Once again, Paul Haggis, you moved me in the way nobody else has. I was along for the emotional ride, and just when I didn’t think you’d do it, you throw the punch.  It’s so simple and subtle the statement you make, and yet so powerful it hit me right in the gut.  I couldn’t cry. I couldn’t even gasp.  I just sat there on the couch, letting the emotions wash over me and drown me in it.

My heart breaks for American soldiers everywhere.

Rent it.  Doesn’t matter what political view you have.

Oh, and you might want to follow that with something sunny just to balance things out.  It was too late for me last night to watch it, so I settled in to put laundry away to Ratatouille soundtrack instead.

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  1. korbua   •  

    my god… they had the big band playing at their wedding!? this is so cool!!! they look lovely together. 🙂

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