Fun day

Going to bed when I’m supremely tired has been working three nights so far.  It works better on the weekend, I’m sure.  Man, trying to get up to wash the Korean BBQ smoke out of my hair this morning was tough. It’s starting to cool at night in California a little bit. Cool when I left the house and when I got home.  It makes it really hard to get out of bed in the morning.

When I got work, I gave my dad a call.  Of course, I caught him watching his nightly news and he filled me in on Thailand’s current madness.  He recommends the recent article in Time Magazine.

“Somebody’s funneling money into the PAD,” he said.  “Someone’s paying daily stipends for people to not be earning a living but to sit in at the Parliament House.  And it’s a pretty good bet around here that it’s the old-money elites.  They want the Democrats to be government and Abhisit as PM.”

“But I want Khun Mark [Abhisit] to be the PM…” I whined.

“I know. But not like this,” dad replied.  And I agreed 200%.

“Brandon said if this shit is still going on by the end of October, he’s not coming home with me,” I told him.

“Tell him this is the BEST time to be in Thailand,” dad replied.

“I told him the protest doesn’t bleed over to the tourists so there’s nothing to worry about.”

“It’s not just that,” dad added.  “All the other tourists would’ve canceled.  Hotels would be empty, and then we could get any room at any hotel we want in Phuket on the cheap!”

My dad.  There could only be one.


And there could also be only one Brandon.

A text message this afternoon sent me into a giggle.

“Hahah. The cats attacked [The traveling Couch] Monkey!  Jumper walked by with Monkey in his mouth then the little ones [Brandon’s folks’ new cats as oppose to Jumper, the elder statesman] ran by and stole him from Jump.”

My poor traveling Couch Monkey, covered in kitty drool!  Later on tonight, as Brandon was reading before bed with the cats, again, Monkey was taken.  Brandon had to chase the cats down to get him back.

And my poor husband, for him to be on his cell phone to text me these things, Brandon had to step outside and down the driveway of their house in the mountains of New Mexico.  It was 27F when he called me an hour earlier.

Now THAT’S love.


The day of much love and laughter ended well at my first Lyrical Jazz class with Sizzle at Moondance Studios tonight.

I LOVE Sizzle!  She’s totally awesome.  Not only does she have lessons planned for the next 6 weeks, she also taught us the history of each week’s style.  Today, we learned the basics of Fosse style and did the routine from the first 2 verses of Chicago’s All That Jazz.

Jazz hands. Fosse’s port de bras. Hip pops. And other signature Fosse moves.

Ow, my quads. And my back.

The zombie moves I was going to practice before I go to bed should look awesome now that my back is a little bit stiff…


  1. KU   •  


    Might wanna ask your dad how else can someone kick Samak’s *ss out of his office and get some integrity into Thaksin’s ‘servants’ heads’ to do something rightful for the country. If it wasn’t for PAD, we wouldn’t have today when the Pig-nose Samak is finished because of his stupid Food-talk show, and Jae Pen is out because he participated in a conspiracy to sell out the country, and Thaksin is in exile. Even now, PPP is still adamant to vote Samak back. What is this?!?!?

    And by the way, tell Mr.B to come to Thailand and JOIN PAD. Don’t Americans love democracy? He should study what kind of democracy the squared-headed SOB has done to Thailand.


  2. KU   •  

    One more thing dude, our PhD graduated friends go there every day, so do a lot of our friends’ mothers, and they haven’t been offered any money.

  3. Robert   •  

    Oooookaaay then….I have officially lost my title of “angriest poster” on this site 🙂 Phew. The burden was just too heavy.

  4. oakmonster   •  

    First of all, Irish Cousin Robert, yes, indeed the burden has been lifted. 😉

    As most regulars know, I do reply to comments personally, and not via another comment post. But I’m afraid this one will have to be added.

    As you know, I always honor your different opinion. I will share mine, and see if we can come to agree to disagree. I already sent “KU” an email with the following text. So, here goes.

    I agreed with PAD’s original plan to protest to get rid of Thaksin. I even agreed with the military stepping in to wipe the slate clean. I might not agree that PPP get itself back on the board.

    However, they were ELECTED.

    THAT is democracy.

    Maybe the rural population get paid to vote that way. Maybe they do really like the POPULIST vision of the country where everyone gets to have a voice instead of just the elite few.

    But the votes were cast. THAT’s democracy.

    Democracy is not mob rule. Democracy does not mean that just because the guy you voted for didn’t get elected, you would cripple the country and incite violence to make your point. Democracy does not use a threat to get what they want or to get people to do what they want. That’s what anarchists and terrorists do.

    Democracy does not mean you APPOINT 70% of your government. Democracy does NOT mean that you believe the rural people are too dumb to vote.

    Democracy means EVERYONE gets to vote. EVERYONE gets to have a voice.

    Unfortunately, the true democracy cannot exist in Thailand because people are too obsessed with power.

    Your view and mine are different on this matter. But all in all, we both want what’s best for the country. At least we can rest on that.

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