Feels like a Hooky

Ah. Columbus Day. A holiday where everyone else you know outside of government is hard at work.  Usually, Brandon would be off work today too, but Mr. Crazy Pants over there had scheduled a 2-day training course for today and tomorrow.

Here in my home office at 9:30 a.m. on Monday with a mug of tea.  It feels like I’m playing hooky.

It has been a very short and exhausting weekend so I’m grateful for today.  As you know, Saturday early afternoon was all zombie stuff.  Later that evening, we were at the Orange County Police Canine Association benefit show.  Horrible venue at Glover Stadium in Anaheim.  Parking was a mess.  Staging area was so that at some point no one was allowed access to the restroom because the K9 and their handlers were in the same tunnel.  And the helicopters couldn’t get low enough for us to see.  At Fullerton stadium, they even landed those bad boys!

However, the show was great.  I will have pictures up sometime today.  We sat so far away though, so I might now have the best pictures ever.  OCSD K9 Storm won the toughest dog this year.  Deservedly so.  That dog is a BEAST!  He looks like a son of a German Sheppard and a tiger.

Yesterday, we ran some errand and I worked on the Princess Leia costume a while.  Then we were off having dinner with Shane’s family for his dad’s birthday.

It would be a great day to not do anything today, but I do have a long list of stuff I have to do in front of me over here.

Like calling the apartment manager about the garage. (Check!) Our neighbor told us some dude was trying to pull our garage open the other day.  He confronted the guy who cussed him out and left on his bicycle.  A Los Alamitos officer came by this morning to take a look after Brandon reported it in.  We just really have to fix our garage door.

Then I have to catch up on household paper work.  Do some more PR stuff for Thrill the World.  Go to lunch with my friend Terence. Grocery shop. Do laundry.

And on top of that, I even sent email for auction solicitation for my Big Gala to businesses I thought of over the weekend on my day off.

At least I will try to sneak in a nap this afternoon.  Otherwise, it’s NOT a day off!  🙂

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  1. Amy @ The Q Family   •  

    I think Day-Off from work is an illusion. It’s basically the day that allows you to catch up with stuffs that you can’t get done while you are working! I hope you will get to nap.. Oh.. nap.. nap.. I don’t even what it is like this day. 🙂

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