On our way

So, the PAD is leaving the airports.  (Thanks Bangkok Pundit for all the info you’ve given me these 2 weeks!)

The day after the “Smiling Moon”, a sign of good things to come.

Hours after I have been told that we are confirmed for Monday to leave Bangkok, hell or high water, from U-tapao or Suvarnabhumi.

Yes, kids.  We are finally going home!  That doesn’t mean I will stop blogging about the situation.  It might not be live like the past few days but i will drop in as much of the news that I can going forward.

However, as a responsible blogger that I am, I will not post anything of substance tonight.

Because I’m buzzed.

Blissfully. Happily. Buzzed.

Brandon and I went with my 3 BFFs to Platinum, a giant wholesale/retail mall, this afternoon.  Joy and Lily converged at my house.  We fetched some street lunch then caught a cab to Platinum over on Rama IV Road where Tong joined us not a half hour later.

We shopped for 3 hours. I spent less than $100 and I got a rolling, soft “luggage” that people use to drag along in these huge malls, a hippy dress, 3 tops, leather bangle, phone charms for friends, and 3 bead bracelets.

Take THAT American malls!

While we were out there, my Aunty Connection called to inform me that my name is on the flight from U-tapao tomorrow or both of us can leave on Monday.  For some stupid reasons, that seat is not transferable to Brandon, so we decided to leave together on Monday.  The lady guaranteed that we will be out of here on Monday but from U-tapao or Suvarnabhumi isn’t clear just yet.

We took an ice cream therapy break after 2 hours of shopping and 2 hours later we came back to my house.  Then we landed once again at my friend Note’s restaurant, Kinnaree Gourmet Thai, completing my annual pilgrimage.  (Food blog with picture will follow–see link on the right.)

Note, as always, provided AWESOME food and she kept the booze flowing.  Her new bartender has a LOT of tricks so including 5 bottles of wine consumed there were numerous flaming cocktails thrown back with the 10 of us.

Now you know why I’m buzzed.  And you will also know why I will not be objective in reporting the situation tonight.  Hehe.

Tomorrow, my friends, I will resume my responsibility to the blogosphere.

As of tonight, with my celebratory drinkS, I bid you adieu.


  1. Olaina   •  

    My friend and former student was able to get out because her sister works for the Clintons so she was able to pull some magical strings.

    Ah, money and friends in high places…

    Meanwhile, it seems we were buzzing at the same time. I made salmon and risotto last night for dinner and Justin and I drank some wine. As in more than one bottle between the two of us. woohoo! Then, because I can, I slept with my bizarre dreams until about 11 a.m. I have to work tonight… this nighttime job has me all discombobulated.

    See you sometime when you return! 🙂 Sorry you’ll miss the birthday wine and cheese. 🙁 We’ll toast to you. 🙂

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  3. kitty   •  

    P’ Oh have a safe flight home naaa. Too bad we didn’t get to have a girls night out but at least I got to meet you!!

  4. Amy @ The Q Family   •  

    Oh.. I miss Platinum. I love that place. It’s a step-up-Patunam. Make shopping with kids much easier.

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