Mixed Blessings

Christmas Eve this year so far has been a mix bag of emotions.

A few days ago, my Trojan “brother” Joel announced his engagement to his girlfriend Zoe.  Huge news!

Yesterday, I was giggling at Rude Cactus’ video of his little girl Mia singing “Police Navidad” and giddy over 50% Christmas decoration sale at a flower shop in downtown.

I also took the bus home after week of being shuttled around by my carpool buddy and got to say Merry Christmas to my other bus buddies.

My cousin Nicky called to ask if I want to go the Rose Bowl with him.  Because I’m saving my dough for the Billy Joel/Elton John concert.  And I’m going to take James with me!

But then Brandon called.  James and Aurora’s house was broken into.  Aurora left the house with Dresden for mere half an hour, returned to find the back door pried open and bedroom tossed.  The thieves took their game consoles and Aurora’s jewelries including her engagement ring.

They suspect the gardener.  Aurora was waiting for him but he was late.  That’s why she left.  When she came home, not only the house was burgled, the lawn was mowed.  Curious, isn’t it?

Now this morning, I’ve learned another good news. Our beloved Mazing Amy, my Trojan “sister”, is engaged.

Tonight, we’re going over to Nora’s family for good ol’ Christmas dinner.  I haven’t seen her folks or her siblings for a while.  As a matter of fact, I have never met her little niece, 2 years old by now?  And I will get to meet the new niece.Oh god. I need to go buy some gifts for the little girls.

You see what I mean?

Well, Merry Christmas to all!  (There’s an embeded Windows Media file under the banner that should play automatically.)


  1. lillian   •  

    Merry Christmas !! Ours is/was quiet.

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