Onward to 2009

Not resolution.  Goals.

Back in my Taekwondo days, our master had us turn in our 10 goals for the year and recap what you’ve accomplished the year before.  Guess I’ll start that tradition here on the blog this year.

1. Explore Kung-fu.  I did like Taekwondo but as strange as this may sound I’m looking to do something more flow-y.  Dance-like.  Capoiera would be cool to explore too.

2. Drink more water: one glass in the morning and one before bed.  Ah, the yearly goal.  I tend to give up after trips to the bathroom in the middle of the night or the inconvenient urge on my bus ride home.  But I’ll continue to try!  I’m pretty sure I’m a walking mummy, completely dehydrated.

3. More guitar/piano/singing – at least twice a week.  I went months without touching the piano.  Not good for me.

4. Read more books – One book a month at least.  Last year was a major disappointment for me when I look back at my reading list.  Pathetic!  Then again, that is what happened when I’ve found new TV shows and we got us a laptop.

5. Add yoga to the routine – at least once a week.  Brandon loves what yoga does for his back.  So we’re looking into a community class.  I have a few DVDs here at home.  We just have to get ourselves onto the mats.

6. Take a language class.  One needs some Spanish to live in California.  It’s about time I get with the program.

7. Cook one new recipe a month.  I haven’t been cooking much lately.  If I do, it’s usually the old favorites.  Time to get my cooking skills improvement back on track!

8. Fix them teeth.  Nobody told me I have to wear my retainer for the rest of my life.  My bottom teeth are already back to what my dad called a family trait of crookedness.  The top is starting to morph.  And that’s not cool.

9. Fix them eyes.  It’s been years since I’ve stopped wearing contact lenses.  I’ve grown to really love wearing my glasses.  Again, another family trait.  I’ve been waiting for the technology to be able to correct astigmatism too.  Now that it can, maybe I don’t have to be so blind after all.

10. Keep up with whatever is working well.  A few things I started last year have turned out to be the best things that happened: my dance classes, treating myself to a Starbucks latte once a week (no limit on the iced tea though…), having finally figured out that I like doing laundry and Brandon would rather do dishes.

How about you?

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