I want to go home

I technically haven’t been “home” since Monday.  Work has been driving me bonkers with how crazy busy it’s been.

I got home on Monday for 5 minutes and Brandon whisked me off to see “Taken”.  Holy crap, Liam Neeson is scary.  He really did carry the movie.  If it was somebody else, that movie would not have been that good.  But I digress.

Tuesday was Spamalot night.  I didn’t get home until 8 p.m.  Brandon was nursing a stress/sinus headache when I got home so we just went to bed.

Wednesday was yoga night.  Brandon finally was available to go to his first class.  He whisked me away from the bus stop to class.  After that, we raced to the UPS distribution center to pick up his new toy, an air rifle.  We picked up dinner, watched “Lost” and went to bed.

Last night I was supposed to be meeting up with Annette and other Twitter people, but the rain caused major snarls all over LA so we called it off.  I got off the bus at 7:00 p.m., not incredibly late.  However I was still dizzy from the bus driver’s rough driving, so it was good to just go home.  Brandon was out playing with his air rifle at the shooting range.

Finally, I was “home”.

I opened a bottle of Cabernet and curled up with my bowl of baked potato soup from Maderas, and caught up on some of the shows I neglected to watch when I was “away” this week.  Brandon came home a while later and we watched “Heroes” and “Life”.  Man, how I’ve missed Charlie Cruz!

If I had it my way, I would probably stay up to watch everything else that’s left on Tivo and had some more wine.  But nope, I was a good girl.

Kind of.  Apparently 2 glasses of wine was a bit too much for last night.  LOL.

I hope I can really be home tonight and make dinner.  Chicken and dumplings start to sound VERY good…

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