Holy Trinity Weekend

It’s over. My big event is all done.  Hellooooo, normal life! Kind of.

I have next week to get content to our web people and we need to launch that puppy at the end of next month.

But today, I will wrap up other things and will lunch at Drago Centro.

Yep. Treating myself to a Dine LA menu as a celebration of having managed a sold-out event and having been with the Office for 4 years.

I’ve also been blogging a little prolifically at the food blog since I started to remember to pick up my camera when I was done cooking.  It’s really interesting to try to take picture of food and making it look yummy.  Food photography is not as easy as you think!

And tomorrow, Olaina and I are going to burrow ourselves in movie theater seats ALL day.  The joy of the Oscars showcase at AMC!  Darn Ben Button, the only reason why we might not be out of the theatre until 1 a.m.   The last movie, Frost/Nixon, doesn’t go on until 9:45, yo!  Nonetheless, THIS is the movie lover heaven.

My friend Greg and his lovely girlfriend will also join us.  They’re skipping out on The Reader and we’ll skip out on Slumdog Millionaire.  Even Irena and Danny who joined me last year are trying to move their previous engagement so they could go to one in their neck of the wood in MA.

Sunday, I’m planning on hanging out with my baby all day. The man put up with me all week with this work crap…AND saved me when the migraine hit!  Probably going to try hiking somewhere new if the weather permits.

Food. Movie. And Brandon. There you have my Holy Trinity of Love.

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