Long Weekend

This weekend has been one of the longer ones I had in a while.

Don’t get me wrong, I still had just 2 days like everyone else, but it felt like a week.

I guess when you helped others, pampered yourself, and did things you love, it was just as rewarding as a weekend away on a vacation.

It’s hard to belief that I voluntarily rolled out of bed at 6 a.m. on Saturday morning, but I did.  I was up to bake chocolate croissants to take over to my friend Greg’s garage sale fundraiser for his very first AIDS Ride. I met up with James and Dresden around 7:15 and we headed over.

The sale was HUGE! And we had TONS of people showed up.  I’m waiting to hear from Greg as to how much money his group raised that day. We had all sorts of stuff up for sale and whatever leftover would be donated.  Except for this one .  Although a few people made us offers.  😉

Not for sale...

Someone actually picked up this wood cabinet that nobody seemed to want for a good amount of money.  When they were loading up, apparently he told the boys that this was a real 1950s era antique. Just a little touching up and he could sell it for a whole lot more!  We were quite amazed.

After spending the morning helping out and chasing Dresden around, James and I joined his wife, his friend Bob, and Brandon for late breakfast.

Oh and then Dresden did this on the ride over.


Later that afternoon, I had my first facial, crashed out until we walked to our corner restaurant to pick up dinner.

Because my face still felt sensitive on Sunday morning, our plans to go out riding bikes or hiking had to be canceled.  I mean, I wasn’t about to put this brand new skin out in the sun.  So we stayed home and geeked out.  Brandon on his new Star Ocean game and me re-organizing my closet, learning some new songs, and fixing up this blog.  You like?

Two songs have been stuck in my head for days.  I know they’re not the regular earworms because I still have them in my head even after I listened to them.  It’s usually a sign for me to learn the damn thing and give myself a real reason to have the song stuck in my head!

Now that I’ve got rolling on two new songs for my repertoire, I’d better practice.  Besides, my fingers have lost the agility for piano and the calluses to withstand guitar strings.  Thank god my breathing might actually be better now that I’ve been doing yoga.  One out of three ain’t bad!

Let me get a little better on this and I might, MIGHT, just record a bit of it for you guys.  😉

Oh, the two new songs? These are them.


I can’t really do the lovely guitar work he does here. I’m learning the basic chords for now and will be watching some tutorials and practice, practice, practice!  However, I hope my piano rendition might be okay for now.


There’s a bajillion versions of this song out there (including Sad Kermit and K.D. Lang), but since we’re talking Damien Rice here, I’ll just give you guys his version too.

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  1. Olaina   •  

    lucky girl! We had a “long” weekend too–went to Ventura for a night (my bro’s Christmas gift to us)–drove the coast, enjoyed food and friendship with each other. Lucky GirlS!

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