Cakey Dilemma

I went to my local cupcake shop, Charmed Cupcakes, to buy some for the office birthday party tomorrow.

“I would like to get 3 cupcakes, please. And can you please put them in one box?”

“Actually, I can’t.”

“Excuse me?”

“I can’t put 3 cupcakes in one box. But I can do two of them in one and one of them by itself.”

Odd. I’ve gotten cake in bigger boxes before. “Oh, I guess that’s okay. Now, I would like 4 more cupcakes, please.”

“Do you want them in one box?”

“Can you do that?”


She put 4 cupcakes–eventually 5 cupcakes because it was buy 3 get one free promotion–in one BIG box.

However, 3 cupcakes don’t qualify to go in ONE big box.

Thank god the cupcakes are really good here.

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  1. LBC Shopper   •  

    HA funny you commented about that my boyfriend had a similar situation at Frosted on 2nd st in Belmont Shore. Don’t know why but those cupcake people aren’t very nice or friendly. Don’t see why they have to be so bitchy, geez people its just a damn cupcake. Frosted isn’t even that good and too expensive. I’ll have to try out Charmed.

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