The show hasn’t even started yet but I have Glee on my brains.

Talentless little outcast who just wants to sing.  My life story?  Yep, pretty much.

Also, once a choir geek, always a choir geek.

Since I saw the clip a couple of days ago, I have music–just random songs–playing in my head all day and caught myself walking around singing or humming.

Not that I’ve been extraordinary happy or anything.  I just feel like singing.

I mean, I was waiting for the bus today.  Looking around the people around me, I imagined myself breaking into a song.

“On the Street Where You Live” from My Fair Lady was the tune.  Partly contributed to British Got Talent’s Holly Steel.

But it was kind of appropriate in the middle of Downtown LA open space. By a fountain. And some lamp posts…well, flag poles, but yeah you get the idea.

I was *this* close from actually burst into song.

This living room rock star actually wants to be on Broadway.  Sometimes she tries to claw her way out of the living room into real life.

I ended up humming loudly to myself while I wait for my bus.

Not today. But someday.

Sometimes, you really can’t stop the music.


  1. Phraktyl   •  

    I’ve nearly done the same thing! Choirs all through high school (everything from jazz choir to a barbershop quartet to a ’50s doo wop group). It’s still with me!

    I’ve never watched that trailer. Now I’m going to have to set my DVR!

  2. Annette   •  

    I am so getting the Wii karaoke and bringing it over to your place some day.

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