Oh Happy Day

Today wasn’t a happy one for me personally.

First up, I had to get a couple of separators back in my teeth as they came right off on the first day of having them. My teeth have been sore all week so at this point, whatever.

Then off to get my vision field test. I didn’t remember the last time my eyes were dilated, so I told my boss I’d come in after that was done.

Yeah right!

I had to hold my phone at arms length to try to call my boss. It was that bad. I could kind of drive but at 11 a.m. it was really, REALLY bright out even with the paper glasses they gave me to wear. I barely made it home but I had been squinting so badly my head started to hurt.  I braved the computer screen, turned the brightness down low, but still couldn’t read anything to save my life.  So I resigned to the couch for most of the afternoon.

Yeah, totally understand what a vampire must feel like.

I wanted to take a picture of how HUGE my pupils were for you guys but even the bathroom lights were a little bit too bright. I kind of look like this.



However, this frustrating day does have a few good perks.

Our friend Matt called to let us know he and his wife are expecting their first baby.  Their little boy would probably share my birthday.  Exciting news!

And of course, I had the chance to finish up packing and made final arrangements for our Miami trip tomorrow.  Irena and Danny are tying the knot, and it is an honor for us to be able to be there.  Another friend of ours and his fiance will be joining us too.

Coconut Grove, here we come!  I will take a shot of rum for the pain in my teeth and brave at least ONE bite of real Cuban food.  But at least mofongo is soft enough.


Back to packing.  I might not be blogging from there but will DEFINITELY be tweeting and sending pics.

BTW – Anyone with any tips on how to get around the area without a car, please do share.  We were told that we wouldn’t need one so we didn’t plan on renting one.  Hope that’s not a mistake.

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