You win one, you lose one

My epic battle with time this week?  I guess it’s a draw.

I didn’t start on Monday morning as planned.  Because, as you all have heard, we plan and God laughs.  Or something like that.

Last Sunday night, the night I wanted to go to bed by 10 to wake up at 5:15 and work on my stuff? I ended up going to bed closer to midnight and woke up the usual call time for morning with hair wash of 5:45.

I was up peeling and scraping the piths off of 25 lemons to go into my first ever batch of homemade Limoncello.

You heard me. Home made. Limoncello.  I will write ALL about that over at HmmFoodGood later.  But for this post, let’s just say that peeling and de-pithing took many more hours than I anticipated.

So, Monday was regular day.

Time 1. Oakley 0.

Tuesday morning, I’m on the new early riser schedule.  Was up by 5:15 and at station with a mug of tea at 5:45. I got a whole lot done.  I went to bed at 10 as planned.

Time 1. Oakley 1.

Wednesday morning, still on the wagon.  However, the near end of “Bad Things”, the book I’ve been reading, kept me up way past my bed time.

Time 1. Oakley 2.

Thursday, up a little later but was still up.  A couple of hours into work, an alien tried to dig his way out of my brain through my forehead and made me nauseous while at it.

Migraine in the office. That’s just great.  I couldn’t look at the screen, let alone tolerate the fluorescent goodness.  I took an Aleve around 10 and went to ask a coworker if I could go sit in her boss’ office–the boss is on leave.

My coworker let me inside and closed the blinds for me.  She went to tell my boss who came over straight away to check on me and told me to just take my time.  20 minutes later, feeling a lot less like a vampire, I crawled out to ask another coworker for a can of Monster to get the caffeine into my system.  A couple more coworkers came by to check on me and gave me some neck rubs…and those did help.

Nausea finally subsided around noon. The alien was now, digging more slowly, trying to get out behind my ear instead.  I downed 500 mg of Tylenol and continued to sip Monster to get better, fast.  After all, I had to go down to LA Live to check out a few venues for staff holiday party at 2 p.m.

Miraculously, that last bit of crazy self prescription did the trick.  I toured the facilities pain free and even scored some free brownies from The Farm of Beverly Hills.

That lovely bit of heaven sent me a wee bit over the edge on the jitters.  But hey, my head didn’t hurt any more.

Needless to say, it was an early night for me that night.

Time 2. Oakley 2.

Friday, I tried to get up early but my body screamed in protest. So I slipped back to nearly 6 a.m. scrambling out of bed.  My body continued to protest with some scratchy throat and sniffles.  I’m sure all these smokes in Downtown LA and all over Southern California doesn’t help either.  I fought it with echinacae tea, wild honey, and Airborne. By the time I was home, I was spent.

Time 3. Oakley 2.

I was woken up this morning from a lovely dream about my little country house in an orchard with the fact that I couldn’t breath through one of my nostrils.  Then both.  Getting out of bed was an out of body experience–as in I was out of my body, dragging it.  A cup of echinacea tea later, I had enough energy to make breakfast.

And now, I am stewing in my office intentionally.  I am hoping sweating all of this badness out might help me feel a little better.

Time 4. Oakley 2.

Things that have gone wrong? Not going to bed as early as I should have.  And the fact that I started this new program on the week before my boss goes on vacation when everything needed to be done before she leaves.

Stress + Change of routine + Lack of sleep + not eating much because of stress = System crash.

So here I am, sweating out my sickness in my home office, instead of out in Studio City, rehearsing Thriller with my fellow LA Zombies.  Here I am, missing out on a Beat It flash mob.  Here I am, sniffling, sweaty, and icky.

All because I want to beat time.

Next week awaits a new battle strategy.  But for now, back to the couch and more tea.

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