Enjoy the little things

Zombieland. Who knew that movie would give you some great life lessons.  Well, you know, aside of the Zombieland Survival Rules.

Enjoy the little things, Talahassee said.

My life has been kind of a whirlwind these past few months.  There are many little things I totally appreciate and enjoy.

Like a bouquet of flowers Brandon bought for me. Very unexpected.

Like getting a ride home from a bus buddy who drove in in the morning.

Like getting my Italian homework explained to me by the Italian Coworker.

Like watching Dresden react to “big people’s food” we offer him.  On Tuesday, James, Aurora and Dresden were over for beef pot roast.  Carrots were a hit.  Tonight at a burrito place, the boy who, according to mom, doesn’t like eggs, asked for more chorizo and eggs from my plate, and later on for more of his first Dippin’ Dots experience.

And by asking, I meant he would reach out his hand toward whatever it is he likes and say, “Nom?” Yes, with a question mark.  It was the most adorable thing.

Like receiving the pictures from our Thrill the World LA shoot this weekend that look FANTASTIC.

Breakthrough zombies

Breakthrough zombies

Or…one of the goofy ones like these.

Zombie no like trees...

Zombie no like trees...

Like everything GLEE.  It doesn’t matter how my day was, music from the cast of GLEE cheers me up.  I frickin’ love this show.  The gem of this clip at about 2:22…


What are your little things?

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    That is a good way of thinking. There are many little things I can enjoy on a daily basis such as reading books or watching DVDs and so on. I usually try to make my ordinary day as worthwhile as possible. Whatever it is, I am pleased to do it. It does not need to be anything big, does it?

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