Thanks, Coach

Dear Uncle Pete,

So, you’re finally leaving us.

Yes, I am hurt.  And disappointed.  I mean, don’t you love US?  Don’t you love college ball?  I mean, you’ve said it over and over and over again that here is where you want to be.  What changed, Coach?  Have we not loved you enough?

I know that you deny any bad blood between you and Mike Garrett or your departure has anything to with the looming NCAA ruling.  But I think we all understand how much suck it could be to work for an asshat and to get out before the heat is unbearable.   (On that note, Reggie, I hate you.  And that goes for you too, Joe McFlashy.  All I can say to you is that karma does exist, boys.  You watch out now.)

At the end of the day, Team Carroll has to come first.  It’s only human.  We would’ve done the same thing for the money and the escape.

But of course, we have expected so much from you, Coach.  We didn’t think you’d leave us.

Well, that’s all I have to bitch and moan about it.  We can throw a tantrum all day and hold vigils all night.  It’s all done now.

Now that I get that out of my system. .. *exhale*

Thanks for a one hell of a run at USC, Uncle Pete.  You have turned the Hackett Horror Picture Show around into something beyond our imagination.  You have spoiled us rotten with all the wins.  This past rebuilding season has been quite hard for all of us, but you got us through it much better than anyone could have expected.

You changed the face of Trojan football forever, Coach.  We haven’t had this much fun since, well, I don’t know when.  (I came in toward the end of Robinson’s era.)

Your charity, A Better LA, is really making a difference out there.  You weren’t just here to coach and get your paycheck.  You were a part of the  community.

Many bandwagon fans had boo’ed when we lost, and they are probably are cursing at you right now for your departure.  The Coliseum may be half empty under new management.  But hey, good riddance.  And better yet, I might actually have a chance to get in on some forfeit season tickets.  But I digress.

Us TRUE Trojan fans appreciate what you’ve done for us all these years.  All the championships and Heisman.  The Bush Push.  The surprise that was Sanchez.  The pranks you pulled on the team.  Ah. The memories!

I don’t know if Seattle folks can love you like we do.  Just sayin’.  But hey, I’m sure you will wow and charm them like you did us.

Wish you the best in Seattle.

Fight on.

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