Meatless Tuesday: Week 16: The Last Post

No, I did NOT give up on Meatless Tuesday.  However, I’m giving up on blogging about it.

Guys, the Meatless Tuesday experiment has stuck.  16 weeks I haven’t wavered and my resolution is as strong as before.  It’s just that now that Meatless Tuesday has become an established routine, writing about it seems, well, tedious.  And absolutely unimportant.

I have been tempted to drop it and go for meat a couple of times when I was stressed out.  Sure, I wussed out and got nachos or something as bad for me on those days, but I managed to not eat meat.  Or, as of the new added rule, take any swig of an alcoholic drink.

I have a few accidental egg consumption.  And maybe even a few more of disguised eggs consumption that I chose to ignore.  But I’ve being more conscious of the egg content as well.

I just thought, at this point, when it becomes just as normal as my everyday diet, I probably shouldn’t bore you any more with it.

So here we are, the last Meatless Tuesday post.

Also a few weeks before I may fall off the wagon.

You see, I’m traveling to Costa Rica this Wednesday.  The following Tuesday is the day I get back, but we don’t leave until 6 p.m.  Having read the guide book, I could possibly avoid the meat during my last day, but I won’t make anyone’s life difficult especially my friend who’s hosting me for the last few days in Costa Rica.  If meat and eggs show up, I will eat it.  And I’ll take Wednesday off meat instead.  Just this one time to not offend my host during travel, that is one compromise I will do.

So, be happy for me, my friends, that I have made a year goal into a lifetime commitment.

And I’m sure you’re not going to miss reading about my weekly diet. ;-D

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