All my bags are packed

Costa Rica, here I am!

Yep. My BFF Nora and I are heading down to the beautiful northwestern beaches of Guanacaste region of Costa Rica for my friends’ wedding.  The traveling Couch Monkey will finally get to be among his capuchin buddies!

I just realized that this is my first trip abroad in 17 years.

Well, you know, having come over to the U.S. being my last “foreign” trip.  Since then, I have only gone home and nowhere else outside the U.S.

Okay. I did set foot in Canada for like 15 minutes in college when we got turned around the Vancouver border. But that doesn’t count.  (Long story short: Ex-boyfriend decided last minute to pipe up about my student visa status as we were presenting our California driver’s licenses for him to check. Good job, man.)

My history of travel includes Hong Kong (8 or 9 years old), Australia (12), New Zealand and Singapore (13), the U.K. (14), and the U.S. (15).

So yes. This is a HUGE deal for me.

And so far, it feels just like home. Except in Spanish. 🙂

Will have pics and vids when we get back. At $10 a day for wifi, it just ain’t worth it.

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