Coming Soon: New Zealand Adventure

We’re winding down our New Zealand vacation with my dad. He leaves Thursday afternoon and we leave Friday.

So far over 1,000 photos have been taken. I have yet to calculate how many kilometers/miles and hours Brandon had driven in the 5 days we spent in South Island…on the opposite side of the road from the U.S., no less.

We had killed absolutely no possums (different than what we have in North America) and rabbits where are both non-native pests here in New Zealand, destroying forests and bird population. However, the Garmin GPS with Kiwi accent tried to kill us by running our car into the river. We guessed she was pissed after all of her “recalculating…make U Turn”s we ignored all day. And we have a video to prove it.

We had at least 6 great meals, 4 of which were a repeat of 2 restaurants, and one incredibily horrible one. We ate a lot but we also walked a lot in Auckland so I think that was what keeping my pants loose.

Yup. More coming soon!

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