NaNoWriMo: Well, that’s that


That’s as far as I got, which is not too bad considered the constant cage match with my Inner Editor and my serious time management issue. Writing was quite fun but at 1,500 words a day, that has proven to be a little bit too much for me and my crazy fall schedule.

I may not have reached the 50,000 words. Or even my personal goal of 18,000 words. But I do have in my hand $230 donation (with a little bit of interests) to send back to the General Mangkorn Phromyothi Foundation in my mother’s memory, and a beginning of a family memoir.

I may not be able to finish writing in the 30 days given, but I am going to continue writing the story. Someday it will become a full fledged book that becomes an Oscar winning film starring Parminder Nagra as me and Russell Crowe as Brandon.

Okay, maybe an Emmy winning movie on Lifetime starring Olivia Munn and Joe Manganiello. Well, or maybe a Thai telenovella starring Ann Thongprasom and Willy McIntosh…?


Now we wait to see if the exchange rate would go up a little more. We have just gotten to 30 Baht per US dollar. Still nowhere near where the currency used to be but we’ll wait a while and see if that goes up any more by the end of December.

All of you have stuck with me through my first attempt at NaNoWriMo, and I’m very grateful for your support.

Yes, I said first attempt. I will be doing this again, you can bet on it!

Brandon said that maybe next time I should do a lot better if I write a fiction instead. With all the crazy dreams I had, one of them should turn out to be a pretty good novel.

As a matter of fact, there was this dream about a Saint Bernard puppy and a girl left orphaned by a mob hit that killed her parents…


Haven’t read about my NaNoWriMo effort? Read this and donate.

Friends in Thailand: To donate, please contact me and I’ll get you the routing number.

Friends in the US and Elsewhere with Facebook: To donate, please go through my FundRazr page here.

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