Five for Friday: Vanity Sizing, Caro Emerald, and White Screen of Death

Five for Friday is a weekly series about the five new things I learned each week. It could be anything from a new recipe, new skills, or a new life lesson.

Caro Emerald

I heard her on XM. Now I can’t get enough. This song, especially, does NOT get old for me.

Vanity Sizing Reality Check

I haven’t really paid much attention to “vanity sizing“.  Sure, I know that a size M dress at Forever 21 is a tad loose but a pair of size zero petite pants at Ann Taylor Loft will fit like a dream. But I don’t really shop a lot these days so it doesn’t really affect until I went along on a luxury shopping spree man with my grade-school friend Natalie who is vacationing from Thailand earlier this week.

Hanging with Miss Marilyn Monroe

As you can see, Natalie–Lee, as we call her–and I are about the same height. She doesn’t have the Thailand’s J-Lo butt that I do though. LOL  If you think I’m petite, Lee must looks like a golf pencil to you.  Anyways. Here we were in H&M, she grabbed a size 4 dress off the rack.

“Lee, that is going to be too big for you,” I said.

“Have you BEEN to H&M, dude? I wouldn’t be able to fit into anything smaller than a 4 in here.”

As a former shopper of Forever 21, I should know that. I thought that things are a little different at H&M. Nope.

That size 4 dress was tight on her and I can’t even zip the damn thing up. My ass. J-Lo. I told you.

Many clothing stores later, we found ourselves in Diane von Furstenberg.  The shop girl offered to grab us some “champagne” and just about all of the size zeros in the store for Lee to try on.


We are back to being petite little Asian flowers again as the price tag for a dress goes from $25 to nearly $400.  Oh, and of course, Lee fit beautifully into everything. That bitch… 😉

So, in this sense, fashion industry’s vanity sizing really is like junk food. The cheaper the stuff, the fatter you get.


My mind is blown. And I’m surprised with all the origami I’ve learned growing up, this wasn’t one of the things we played with.

White Screen of Death

I’m about to talk web development nerd stuff. If that’s not your cup of tea, please move on to the next item. 🙂

You know how computer people have “Blue Screen of Death”, when the screen goes blue and you know your computer is pretty screwed?  There’s a version of that for WordPress developers too…as I found out for the first time a few days ago.

Apparently, I have been quite lucky and/or smart enough to have avoided the the White Screen of Death this whole time. I usually get some kind of error message but never a blank screen. My plug-ins and themes have never really given me problems and I don’t dare going around playing with PHP functions.  But after I completed a project for a client and about to look at my baby one more time before I turn in for the night, it happened.

The website that was running a minute ago was now all white. Log-in page. Update page. Everything. White. Across Firefox, Chrome, and IE. Blank pages everywhere.

Long story short, I did all kinds of troubleshooting and it was quite clear that it couldn’t have been me as nothing was changed between when it was working and when it went blank.  The site was working just fine when the web hosting’s tech support people checked on it, and it was fine to me in the morning. But later on in the afternoon, the site disappeared again. Not only that, a friend could see it on Safari, and Brandon could see it only on IE at work on one machine and on Chrome on the other. WHAT?!?

I hit up the web host support again now with the new found symptoms. They found the problem.

It wasn’t me. It wasn’t them. There were two DNS A records existing for the domain. The site was supposed to point to a different hosting service before we added this one. It seemed my client’s tech guy did not delete the previous service. That’s why sometimes we can see it and sometimes we can’t–totally random.

Just another day in developer’s paradise. You learn something new all the time.

Gangnam Style: Bossa Nova

I really dig this version of the song, Who knew, right?  These kids are talented AND adorable!

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