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Not all of them are here for what they’re looking for.

“burping fetish” (Google)
Quick, honey. Set up the webcam. I can burp for money!

“rubbing my stomach” burp (Google)
Someone out there has the same ability as I? We should start the Burpy Belly Club.

where to buy “oishi green tea” in united states (Google)
YEAAAS! Someone else out there is also addicted to this wonderful green tea drink. Are you reading this out there, Oishi??

“Churchy McJesus (Google)
When the hell did I say that on here? Oh wait. Brandon must have made a comment…

pedophile boys club (Yahoo)
Now THAT’S some freaky crap. How the heck did you end up here with that search?!?!


Hi y’all.

I’m having a great time in Red River, New Mexico…doing NOTHING. Hahah. :)

The household computer is on a 28.8 dial up. That’s right. 28.8 does still exist! So I haven’t been checking the mail too much. Besides, the gorgeous weather, the sound of the river, and the company of 3 cats keep me occupied enough not to be around a computer this week. Heh.

Well…let’s see what we’ve been up to so far.

7/2 – Arrived at Lamy, NM, just outside of Santa Fe. Hung out with Brandon’s sister Jacqueline, her hubby, and their kids. Ran around Santa Fe doing errands. Got back to Red River at almost midnight.

7/3 – Hung around the house. Went out for breakfast, and later on to get chicken fried steak in Eagle Nest, and visited the Vietnam Veteran Memorial. Visit Brandon’s uncle’s family reunion…over 40 people there! Theme for the day is Cinco de Mayo.

7/4 – Fourth of July Parade here in Red River. Helped mom cooked up a HUGE pot of her famous BBQ baked beans. Went to Eagle Nest lake with the rest of the Borens for fireworks and dinner. Awesome.

7/5 – Stayed at home all day and didn’t do a damn thing but helping dad feeds the ducks and the fish down on the river.

7/6 – Drove out to Colorado to see the sand dune. Wow! And then we went to see Batman Begins. His parents’ first time.

Today, we’re going to the Running of the Bulls party at Uncle Clovis. Yep. Another day, another theme party over there. Fun!

Will blog again if I have time. Right now, I have a cat tangling my feet so I have to take care of that.


As I was looking through IMDB about Tron, I realized that the same director did Animalympics.

Who here has seen/heard of Animalympics other than me?
It’s only the awesomest cartoon EVAH, yo!

I remembered renting it from a local video store growing up as a kid, and I kept renting it over and over again. Love the damn movie. Billy Crystal did some voices on this even!

My favorite? Contessa, the fencing goddess from Spain. She kicks serious ass. And of course, Kit Mambo. She’s a hot little lioness.

So, now I’m in search to get a copy of the movie. But as you can see here, Amazon lists it as at least $25…for the VHS. On EBay, these things go up to $100 now. Apparently, it has become quite a collectible article.

I guess I should start a campaign to get that movie out on DVD. What do you think, folks?