President Bush is not the only guy who invents his own words aka Bushism. I have been doing it for ages. Usually, the new words are invented when I couldn’t think of the real word in time, so I just grabbed whatever comes to mind and said it. Hilarity, and possibly new vocabulary for the Webster Dictionary, ensues.

Oh, and my friends know when I said these things now.


What it means: Less than sober but not completely buzzed.

The Story: Oakley was well into her 2nd glass of champagne when she accompanied her friend and the Bride Melissa to the bar. The bartender asked if she wanted anything to drink, and she told him she didn’t need one because she was well alcoholized. This one is catching on, by the way.


What it means: Ambidextrous.

The Story: Somebody asked if Oakley was a lefty. She meant to say “I’m kind of ambidextrous” but couldn’t think of the word in time, and “amphibious” came out.  Similar story for the “bipolar” slip.  I actually was thinking “bipedal” which is still not the right term for ambidextrous anyway.


What it means: Small.

The Story: Brandon actually came up with this one. “Oh look at that Mini Cooper. It’s an Oakley-sized car!”


What it means: Oakley’s homemade liqueurs.

The Story: I started infusing strawberry sake couple of years ago from a recipe in the LA Times, and it has grown into quite a variety of hooch.

Oaktually I meant to say…

To be used instead of “Actually what I meant to say…” after you’ve already created your own word.  Also known as “speaking Orc.”

The Story: Shane and Brandon crafted this one when one of them totally made up a word in a sentence. “Hey, you start to talk like Oakley!”  Shane also accidentally called me “Orcly” once…

One Beer Wonder

What it means: Someone who can’t really hold his/her liquor. One beer is just about right and alcoholized.

Taggle Hug

What it means: Tackle hug. When you hug someone really hard it’s like a football tackle.

The Story: On twitter, @dananner started the #tacklehug when we see our guy friends online.  We did a twitter wine tasting at my house one night and as I tweeted the boys, but instead of #tacklehug, I typed #tagglehug.  @DavidMoyle was the first responder: “What’s a tagglehug???”  It has since become a running joke: get alcoholized and then #tagglehug everyone on twitter!

Thermos Pants

What it means: Thermal Pants.

The Story: I was trying to explain to Brandon that I have a pair of thermal pants to pack to our first trip to New Mexico. I couldn’t remember what they were called but since Thermos keeps things warm, I figured that was the right word. Hey, but my logic was totally sound though. Right?

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