Nerdvember: The Final Days

It’s kind of hard to finish off Nerdvember during Thanksgiving AND the last USC football game of the year. But I did try.

Day 28: Elf from Rise of the Guardian

Inspiration: Christmas tree decoration at the office! I wasn’t going to wear the same ol’ elf hat for that. ;-)

Components: The beautiful, handmade shrug from Pandoras Kloset. (Same person that I got my Jayne’s arm warmers from. And no, I cannot afford a full coat.) Red t-shirt. Red leg warmers.

Challenges: Remembering to pick up the long hood–goes all the way down to my butt–before going to the bathroom, or sit down at my desk. Comments from Muggles: I thought someone would’ve commented on the weird/funky shrug, but nope. Nothing. I think my coworkers are getting used to my “sense of style.”

Day 29: Helen of Troy/Lady Trojan

Inspiration: I first brought out Helen last year at USC Homecoming. Since I missed it this year, I was hoping the weather would be warm enough for Notre Dame game to bring her out. And it was! Components: The dress. The cape. The underbust corset. The sandals. The helmet. Extra point for my grandmother’s red shawl with gold embroidery, not shown in this picture, and the red leg warmers I wore over the sandals earlier in the day, you know, at 6:30 a.m. when I arrived on campus to set up the tailgate party for USC Alumni Club of LA Beach Cities.

#settostunning #Nerdvember Day 29: @uscedu edition: Helen of Troy. #FightOn #BeattheIrish A photo posted by oakley boren (@oakmonster) on

Challenges: I was going to wear this to the Coliseum, but having some drunken Irish fans hollering at me on my way to my last tailgate changed my mind. I know, it sucks. And the world shouldn’t be that way, but it is. I’m not going to put myself in a situation. Besides, short skirt going up and down the Coliseum steps is just not good sense. Heh.

Comments from Muggles: “Fight on!” naturally. :)

Day 30: Hulk at Home

Inspiration: Nothing. Nada. It’s the last day before we go back for the full work week. I’m going to be lazy about it.

Components: Purple shorts I bought for Hulk Bunny which is now my lounge around the house shorts. And Hulk t-shirt Christine bought for me.

Challenges: Getting out of my comfy pink robe to put that on. LOL

Comments from Muggles: No muggles here, fool. Just me, B, and Burt the Hippo.


Nerdvember Day 27: Han Solo

Inspiration: We were going over to our friends’ house for Thanksgiving dinner. Since we don’t have many Nerdvember days left, I really, REALLY want to wear my brand new Gold Bubble Clothing’s Sherlock Holmes dress since I didn’t get to do it last time. The dress looks AWESOME because it’s nice and snug. However, I thought about all the eating we were going to do and then I reconsidered my choice of attire. An A-line dress that does not restrict the belly is a much better choice!

Components: Her Universe Han Solo dress I bought from Hot Topic. Star pendant. And my very own Mandalorian. ;-)

Challenges: Accessories, man. Accessories. I don’t have ANYTHING!

Comments from Muggles: A few people at dinner recognized the dress as Han’s. Success!


Nerdvember Day 26: Firefly

Inspiration: Working half day! I wasn’t going to put too much effort into it. ;-)

Components: Jason Palmer’s Firefly t-shirt. Another ThinkGeek vintage Jayne zip up hoodie. There was a fluffy pompom on top of the hood but I lost it years ago.

#Nerdvember Day 26: #Firefly. #settostunning Classic @thinkgeek Jayne hoodie + Jason Palmer’s tee. #Browncoats

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Challenges: Wearing geek t-shirt feels a little bit like cheating. LOL

Comments from Muggles: Nada banana just as expected.


Nerdvember Day 25: Iron Man

Inspiration: My hair. I didn’t want to wash it so I started going through the closet for an outfit that I would work with a fauxhawk pony tail.

Components: Biker-ish boots. “Powered by Stark” from ThinkGeek. Iron Man fingerless gloves I bought from Geeky Mamas when it was still in Cerritos. However, I think they got it from Nerdifacts. And of course, the fauxhawk pony tail, a tribute to Tony’s awesome hair.

#Nerdvember Day 25: Iron Man. #settostunning Gloves from @geekymamas_official #marvel #ironman #starkindustries

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Challenges: I went through THREE outfits (Finding Nemo, Twisty the Clown, and even Jareth the Goblin King) before I landed on this one.

Comments from Muggles: Got quite a bit of “Hey, Stark Industries!” but not quite, “Hey, Iron Man.” Good enough for me!


Nerdvember Day 24: TARDIS

Inspiration: My brand new Optimystical Studios St. John Ambulance pendant. I bought it specifically for my Victorian TARDIS cosplay.

Components: The pendant. Blue shirt. TARDIS socks. The long cardigan and my Converse (not shown) were a throw back to the Tenth Doctor.

#Nervember Day 24: #TARDIS feat. Pendant of St. John from Optimystical Studios. #settostunning #DoctorWho

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Challenges: These socks and the Converse don’t seem to like each other very much…

Comment from Muggles: Not even a “You look cute today!” Oh well. :)


Nerdvember Day 23: The Fifth Element

Inspiration: Well, I’ve got this t-shirt thinking that anyone who’s ever seen The Fifth Element would get it right away. Not so much, actually.

Component: The Fhloston Paradise t-shirt I bought from ThinkGeek eons ago. And a napping cat…who is not ours.

#Nerdvember Day 23: Living in Fhloston Paradise featuring #ClarkKent #NotOurCat. #settostunning #fifthelement

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Challenge: Deciding on what to do with the selfie. Napping Clark provided a solution.

Comments from Muggles: Nothing. But I got a great comment from BKK Greg though: he thought “Fhloston” was misspelled but then realized my shirt was folded over.

High five, Nerd Greg. High fuckin’ five.