Catching up on things

I caught up with NCIS, House, Lost, and Anthony Bourdain’s No Reservation.

Oh indeed, I’m training for my Feb. 24 movie marathon. Folks say I’m crazy and that they could never watch movies that long, etc.

But I can certainly pull this off.

Heck, I used to just site at my dinner/lunch table with a book and either my nanny or mom had to remind me to take another bite. Or chew and swallow the previous bite. My coworkers can attest to the fact that I still do that at lunch once in a while at work, reading the papers and not eating my food even when it’s sitting right in front of me. Brandon can also verifies that I do the same thing watching TV.

When something has my attention, it HAS my attention all the way. As long as it holds my attention, whatever it is has me bound to it for a good long time until it gets boring or I get tired.

Like my job. Got me. Got me REAL good.

Like blogging and cooking. Once I’m into it, I’m into it. Ditto with playing around on the computers and filing my paperworks.

Like sleep. I am very serious about it. I sleep like a rock. Unless woken up by a dream. And yes, I can get tired of sleeping too. 😉

Speaking of which, THAT is one of the things I need to catch up on this weekend.

G’night, y’all!

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