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Oh yes, kids. I’ve been providing you with entertaining verbal vomit for 10 years now. See my first ever post:

Might as well join in the crazy world of Blogging. So I don’t have to keep sending you emails to update and stuff. Hehe.

That was my first blog post on this very day, 10 years ago.

Back then, not a lot of people were doing it. And those of us who did, we were writing about anything and everything.

Now, we’d be called a “lifestyle blogger” since we don’t specialize in anything. Or maybe even “humor blogger” if we were slight bit funny.

Two weeks ago, I was in a room with a handful of bloggers as we chat with experts at Gigasavvy about how to optimize our blogs for search engine and what the best practices are. I was sure of two things that day: I was the only child-less blogger there and that I’m probably the only person in the room who doesn’t give much thought to traffic coming and going from her blog.

But I’ve already ranted about the evolution of blogging/social media so I’ll spare you my Purist/Pragmatist theory.

I started this blog originally because I was bored. And the next thing I know, it became a hobby and I was blogging all the time. At some point, it was almost like the speed of which I tweet or post on Facebook now.

“Wait, let me write down what you just said. I’m blogging this!”

I ranted. I raved. At some point I was writing for 2 other blogs. I was quite prolific. Thoughts and ideas were pouring out of me. And I had no other hobbies to channel my energy into.

I wrote about everything. My hopes and dreams. My emotions. I wrote about home life, work life, and even about Thai politics once in a while, and got in trouble with friends, family, and coworkers for some of those things.

You practically see me grow up right here on these pages.

I’ve made friends with great people along the way with bloggers and readers alike. And because I’m comfortable in the virtual social setting, my transition into Facebook and Twitter was seamless. And as you already know, Twitter brought me a whole bunch of friends.

Naturally, with all these friends and new hobbies I’ve discovered (hello, cosplay!), my time to sit down and compose a blog has dwindled. You’d think now that I have so many more adventures, I would write more. Yeah, that’s what I thought too. LOL

One thing I haven’t realized about blogging is that writing gives me peace the way that my other hobbies doesn’t. (Well, except my attempt at singing and playing musical instruments.)  Writing is a creative and emotional outlet and a meditation, all at the same time.

I didn’t think I’ve missed blogging until I sit down and write one. Like I’m doing right now.

Doing better at blogging seems to be one of the yearly goals I never accomplished. Then again, who would’ve thunk I’d stick with running the entire year! LOL

Maybe it’s time I make time for blogging again.

It’s been an interesting journey so far, you guys. 2014 will be more fun.

Thank you for being here.

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  1. Penny   •  

    It’s funny because I had the same experience. I really haven’t written on my blog for a long time, but decided to try NaBloPoMo this November and realized how much I miss the writing for the memories that are documented as well as for the peacefulness.

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