Ibuprofen, wherefore art thou?

If physical pain makes you feel like you’re alive, I am VERY alive today.

I’m all sore from working out and dancing about. My voice a little raspy from singing. My allergies, thank you Tylenol Allergy Sinus, was killing me earlier.

Sitting down and getting up has been some very ALIVE moments. I haven’t even tried going all up the stairs yet. Coming up from ground floor was already interesting enough.

There is no such thing as Ibuprofen in this household. I didn’t even think about that.

I seriously am punishing myself without even thinking about it. Ah…nothing brought out the little masochist in you like your mom’s death.

But there is some hope that tomorrow afternoon, my dad and I may trade in shopping excursions and instead treat ourselves to some massages at Healthland, an everyday people’s spa. Hmm….foot massage…

So, back to yesterday. I went running/walking for a good hour and did some free weights at Polo Club while Lily played tennis with a few older tennis ladies. After the workout, Lily and I went to dinner with my Mater Dei girls. There was our complete gang of four with me, Lily, Tong and Joy who forsake her husband and their 3-month old baby for the evening.

“For you, darling, I will be there,” she said. I am so very honored!

At first it was just us, then Bim came, followed by Ple (who’s on break from school at University of Hawaii…you bitch…heheee). Then came our restaurateur extraordinaire Note. Around dessert time, Bow, Pom and the bride to be Pong showed up. Tong, Note, Lily and I split the bottle of wine and everyone split dinner and many orders of desserts.

While the rest of the working world went home, Note invited us party people back to Kinnaree Gourmet Thai for drinks and karaoke. Our hostess, Lily, Ple, Bim (who is enjoying living alone at her condo…unlike others who still live with their parents), and myself had a cocktail each and we sang our pretty little heads off and danced about like mad old ladies that we are. I think our rendition of Greatest Love of All might have driven all of Note’s customers out of the joint. But the wait staff swore to us that they didn’t hear a thing downstairs.

This morning, with a bit of a hang over, I continued attacking the drawers. I actually finished all but one at the end of the day. So, yey me!

Aunty Sida, Aunty Jitr and Aunty Jim showed up once again along with my mom’s sisters Aunty Uan and Aunty Ponn. They took more clothes and I think we may finally made a dent in mom’s collection. I found more photos, postcards from dad to mom and Ake when he was still the only child in 1973, and our hand made cards for mom and dad on Valentine’s Day and so on.

Oh, and I finally found THE Holy Book, all of my mom’s fortune telling notes. A notebook full plus extra folder filled with scribbled scraps of paper. I want to go through all of that and see what’s what. And see what else have come true with all of the predictions mom had collected all these years.

And then what did I do tonight? I attended a line dancing class with Aunty Jim at the Polo Club for 2 hours. I was supposed to be line dancing, which it was…a little bit. The first one actually was the country-fied Hustle/Electric Slide. The rest, well, you do repeat the routine, facing each of the walls of the room. But there was some cha-cha and waltzing and other things involved. In a room full of aunties, I was the first youngun ever stepped into that room, apparently. The ladies thoroughly enjoyed teasing me at first and then they got so serious about the dancing and then there was no age divide. Everyone was just dancing! And I did it well enough that the instructor gave me CDs of the songs they’re dancing too. She and Aunty Jim encouraged me to come back to the advanced class on Monday night.

Dancing was much fun and got me heated up enough to follow with some more free weights. I am still pissed off that I’m so out of it I can barely do 2 reps of 10 push-ups. A big wussy I have become. And here I am thinking I’m going to pick up capoiera when I get back stateside.

So yes, I seem to like pain right now. But endorphin is GREAT. That and alcohol together make things a lot more peachy.

Tomorrow? A full schedule, once again. Morning out to see Joy and Jett at their house. Maybe late lunch with Bua and Kitty. And then a visit to Healthland with dad. Sunday is a thank you lunch for Team Khun Noi, afternoon of shopping and dinner with the family.

Monday? Morning of clearing out more stuff. Afternoon at the bank. And evening, perhaps maybe more line dancing! Tuesday, clearing more stuff and packing and heading back to reality.


A funny from the Excavation Site. 🙂

One of the aunties decided to just put on one of my mom’s mu-mus while she sort through mom’s stuff. It was easier to try on things instead of having to constantly taking off her clothes in the living room/mom’s room. (It’s a well covered space.)

By the end of the day, she couldn’t find her top she came in with! It seemed that she had put it down with the rest of mom’s stuff and someone might have picked it up thinking it was my mom’s and taken it home. The aunty had to go home with a new top, picked from my mom’s pile.

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