Dream a little dream

…of mom.

Apparently, mom has been paying a visit to a few of us here and there.

Last week, I woke up sobbing hysterically and freaked the hell out of Brandon.  After a long crazy dream about me being a failure (..something about burning something on the stove top when all I had to do was reheating a frozen block of soup, someone came into the house with a pet meerkat, and everyone was looking at me as if I just came off the short bus for burning that fucking soup…), I somehow ended up in a mall with my dad and brothers.  They were ahead of me and had already went down the escalator.

As I stepped on, someone also stepped on from the other side. I looked over, and it was my mom.  I looked at her.  I touched her arm.  She looked at me and smile.  I started to cry.

“Oh, mom. I really miss you.”

“I miss you too, baby.”

And I woke up bawling for another good 5 minutes before going back to sleep.

My dad just called to tell me about mom’s visiting him too.

The first part had me in it.  Dad and I were in his room, watching TV, when mom came in through the door.  Dad told me, “Look!  It’s Mommy.  Go to her, quick!”  And I ran to her as if she had just returned from a trip.

I asked him how old I was in this dream of his, and he said just like now.

And then his dream changed into yet another familiar scene.  He and mom were at a buffet at some posh hotel.  He asked her if to go see if anything look good.  She shook her head.

“I just kind of want roasted duck curry (gaeng pedd bpedd yang).”

So when he woke up, he informed just about anybody about the dream.  Pueng, of course, went out to the first food stall she could find the next morning to buy duck curry as alms for the monks.  The aunties followed suit with their temple visits, bringing to the temple duck curry.

There you go, folks.  I think Mommy had checked in to see if we are all doing well.  It’s too bad she doesn’t believe in gambling or I’ll ask her for the next winning Mega Million numbers.  Hehee.


  1. kitty   •  

    awww p’ oakley… my heart goes out to u and ur family.. *sob*

  2. Amy   •  

    Oh Oakz! Hugs! I had dreams like that with my grandmother in them right after she died. I had one last week with grandma and Cinnamon in it that led me to beliebe Grandpa is going soon, you know?

  3. Korbua   •  

    It’s gud that u dream about her na ka. 🙂 When grandpa died, I really wanted him to visit me… but he never did… maybe coz he knows that I’m scared of ghosts. hahaha. 😛 *hugs* I hope ur feeling better na ka.

  4. Olaina   •  

    Justin’s mom’s 60th birthday (or 61?) reminder came up on his computer yesterday. Two more weeks. I vaguely remember her in a dream too. I wonder what we’re supposed to do that day? Maybe have Mark and my folks come down? Hmmmm…. It seems tradition is on your side–we’re just making all this crap up. I want a tradition. I think I’ll pick talk like a pirate day.

    And where, pray tell, were your pirate socks?

    hugs to Oakz!

  5. oakley   •  

    Olaina dear, I couldn’t wear the pirate socks. Don’t match the corporate pirate outfit. Hhehe.

    And besides, I’m still in mourning in Thai traditions and therefore I’m pretty much limit to black, white and gray wardrobe until October 10.

    But don’t you worry, football season is here. Them Trojan color long socks are coming out!

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