Can Hardly Wait


Arrival of Peanut/Dresden. We have been on baby watch all weekend for Aurora and James’ first child. Or as James’ WoW gang would say, “We’re waiting for Dresden to spawn.” Apparently, Nan is on baby watch as well. Let’s see who’ll be here first!

Tuesday. Because Stargate SG-1 The Ark of Truth comes out on DVD. Now we can put the whole damn Ori crap to rest. AND hopefully give SG-1 a better sign-off than the stupid time traveling series finale.

March 19. The day I head to San Diego to hang with Olaina and Justin for 3 days. Hooray!

Summer. Because I just bought this dress at Target.

I HEART Jovovich-Hawk. Only if I can afford their regular collection too. Haha! I mean, I have been a fan since I heard of the line. Milla is my Goddess to begin with when it comes to being sexy without having any boobs. My mantra is, if Milla can wear THAT, so can I.

Now I have to figure out what I can top this off so it would be work appropriate.

April 19. Because that is when I find out if I win the local photography contest. I am submitting the following photos. Brandon decided that none of his is competition worthy this time around. Next year is a different story.




Memorial Day Weekend. Because we’re going to take a road trip to Red River, NM. The road trip we had to abandon because of last year’s Summer of Sorrow.

Me to finish organizing my office so I can actually sit in my chair and type this instead of kneeling on the floor, reaching up to the keyboard tray, and looking up at the screen. Why am I on the floor in such precarious position, you ask?

Well, I have been battling with the mess in my office for a while now, as you all know. Since I couldn’t locate our super old shredder anywhere, I went and bought a kick-ass confetti shredder so I can organize ALL of my files.

The problem is, I’m taking up all of the floor space in my office. The chair has to go away over there because there isn’t enough room to maneuver.

Oh, and here are what we bought for my “new office”. 90% of them Brandon put together.

But hey, my office is so much more efficient now. And all matchy-matchy with Ikea Birch! I will take a picture for you guys once I clean up all this mess. 🙂

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