Not much else I need

It goes something like this.

An eager kitten entangling your feet as you walk across the courtyard…to get her some treats no less. (I’m thinking, “If I trip and hit my head on the pavement and bleed to death, you will NOT get your treat, cat.)

El Pollo Loco Caesar Bowl for dinner. Surprisingly filling. No clean up. (I did order a flan but I haven’t eaten it…yet.)

A fuzzy robe. (Who needs pants anyway!)

A glass of pinot noir.

A quiet apartment.

A brand new subscription to Napster. Oh dear god. Music I WANT. At my command! It is surprising how fast time flies when you build your playlist. Much like the same time warp I enter when adding movies onto my Netflix Queue. (By the way, I heart Amy Winehouse!) Seriously. I can be on this thing all. damn. day. Music = Awesomeness.

And to top it all off, I have Anthony Bourdain’s Kitchen Confidential waiting for me. At this rate, I think the warm bed with Brandon in it would distract me too much to get to Tony’s fine writing. 🙂

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