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What a whirlwind week I’m having so far!

This weekend was shock full of activities with the bike shopping and the bike riding. Work has been just nuts.  I just now realized that I have to do 3 Christmas duties BEFORE the end of October.  And then all the stuff I postponed because of the conference last month started to pile up.  I was knee deep in stuff to do.  And then there’s this business of Celeste leaving the company.

Did I mention that she’s leaving my office for a greener pasture?  Well, she is.  I am extremely happy for her, but of course I’m sad too.  She has told me not to pull some sentimental stunt like we did for Amy when I made this slide show to Bette Midler’s “One more for the road” and made everyone cry at a goodbye gathering in the office.

Instead, I made her a little slide show to Toy Story’s “You’ve Got a Friend In Me” and sent it out to everyone as an invite to her farewell party outside of the office.  So everyone can cry at his/her own desk.  Haha!

Next week, I’m helping Celeste at our event at Sony Studios, our very last thing to work on together.  Then a few days later we party with her and then she’s gone.  Not far though. Just across the street.  We’re not going to be complete strangers, I know that.

Tonight is Off the Bus party part 2.  Did you know that Cheesecake Factory won’t even take reservation for a large group?

“Are you kidding?” I asked.

“What do you mean?” Cheesecake Factory girl replied.

“I have a party of 14. FOURTEEN!  And you won’t take a reservation?”

“We don’t take a reservation after 5 p.m.  You have to come in and put your name down.”

“And let me guess, you won’t seat us until all 14 get there.”


We’re taking our business to Buca di Beppo instead.  Screw you, Cheesecake Factory and your overpriced food and cheesecake!

Let the power of the internet takes over again.  Anyone is thinking of doing a big group thing at Cheesecake Factory, you’d better change your mind and take it to Buca where they’re REALLY friendly to big groups.  I think I might just have to Yelp this one…

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