South Coast and Kimchi

You know you’re in Southern California when your breakfast is leftover lamb biryani and goat curry, your lunch is chopped salad and roasted tomato soup, and your dinner is pork belly over piles of kimchi at a Korean barbecue.

Add some good friends into the mix, and what you have is one great Sunday.

Well, except for the fact that Brandon is not here and the kimchi heartburn is creeping up.

I had a lunch date with Nora at South Coast Plaza today to get all the news from her recent trip to Australia and New Zealand, and to view her company’s entry to Canstruction OC 2008.   Nora’s firm takes part in this national competition for construction and design firms to design and build sculptures, if you would, out of canned goods to be donated to local food banks.

RBF’s is the bridge across the Grand Canyon by Hoover Dam.  Pretty impressive, actually.  Click on these to visit my Flickr album with other pictures of the ones that I like.


My favorite has to be Disney’s Wall*E set (on the left) completed with some hidden Mickeys–as in Mickey Mouse coffee or chocolate–all over.  Unfortunately for Fluor, they attempted the same theme (on the right)…and didn’t do so well.

DSC_0019 DSC_0031

After the afternoon in the mall, I joined James and Aurora for dinner at the Wako Honey Pig Korean Barbecue.  Aurora’s sister came to babysit so we all could go enjoy Aurora’s birthday dinner.

Hmmm…black pork belly.  Whatever the black means.  The belly.  The kimchi.  The fried rice.  And everything in between.

While in there, I missed Brandon’s call to say good night.  Whoops.

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