Not your typical Thanksgiving post

Yesterday we had lunch with my mom’s group of friends aka The Aunties.  They treated us to German brats and sausages and potatoes and saurkraut and pork legs at the Goethe Institute.  It was always a pleasure to hang out with them.

All the jetting around got me a little bit sick.  Having felt very poorly last night, we canceled our river boat dinner cruise so I would be well enough for this morning’s road trip.

Brandon and I started the day with the tour of the Damnuen Saduak Floating Market.  Having not eaten much of anything the night before, the moment I set foot on the market, I went looking for food.

And boy did we ate!  Hot off the pan spring rolls. “Coconut Pancake” or Kanom Jak. Coconut juice. A bowl of pork noodles. And finally, “Thai tacos” or Kanom Buang.

Oh yeah. I didn’t care what I was paying for them. They’re all under $1 each order so I went a little bit bonkers.

We returned to the city for a bit more high end shopping and scouting out the stuff I can get for cheaper price elsewhere.

When we got home, we worried some more about Brandon’s impending flight.  I found out just now that we might be able to ship him out of U-Thapao airport, just like everybody else is doing.  But we will find out more in the morning.  We also registered ourselves with the US Embassy.

Lily picked us up later this evening to have dinner with Joy, her husband Ruj, and their todler Jett.

A Thanksgiving dinner not with turkey and gravy but a typical Thai meal of rice and other things, sitting on custom made chairs made out of stumps and salvaged pieces from traditional Thai homes, enjoying the company of old friends.

For a while, we forgot about all that is going on in this country…or in Mumbai.  For a while, we were really thankful for the opportunity to see Jett terrorizing his nanny and to be titled “aunty”.  For a while, everything was right with the world.

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