Brandon’s flight has indeed been canceled.

EVA Airlines phone is so tied up that my dad’s assistant had to send a messenger over to the ticketing office to find out what to do next.  They said there will be a flight to Taipei from U-thapao airport tomorrow and that is what we are aiming for.  5 hours since the ticketing office opened, we still have no words.

The rumor of a coup last night was just a rumor after all.  Nothing happened.  The “cheeky analysis” at The Nation, comparing Thailand’s political stand-off to a poker match is dead on.

Well, as a very poor amateurish poker player, that’s as close as I can get to explaining the current situation. It appears to have come down to who blinks first between Somchai [the current Prime Minister] and Anupong [the Army Chief], after a suicidal PAD [those yellow-shirted buggers at the airport] threw in all its stakes and thus turned what should have been a normal round into one that will decide who goes home with all the money or empty-handed.

Seriously. Can SOMEBODY please do SOMETHING?

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