Everyday should be Memorial Day

As long as there are military men and women out there fighting for our freedom in a war or just doing their jobs somewhere peaceful, everyday should be Memorial Day.

As LA Times reports, with the current war, it is such at Camp Pendleton.

And just to shine another light on Memorial Day, we should all be thanking and remembering the FAMILIES of those out there VOLUNTEERING to fight for all of us.

The wives and husbands holding down the fort while they are gone, not knowing if they would be coming back.

The mothers and fathers watching their children bravely shipped off, far beyond the reach they could imagine.

Past or present, it’s all the same.

It’s a sacrifice the rest of us would never understand.

For that, we should have uttermost respect for those who serve and their families who, in my mind, are serving along side them.

I am going to invoke my husband’s military relations here as I am not personally one.

SEMPER FI. And God bless all of you.

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