Not So Happy Songkran

It’s Thai New Year.

Only a few days after the bloody result of the protest. I don’t think there’s enough water to wash the blood off our hands.

(My family is safe, just FYI.  As a matter of fact, my dad has developed an unhealthy habit of taking an after-dinner evening stroll out to see the Reds’ activities in Radjprasong.  /headhand)

Laws should be enforced. I said the same thing when the Yellow Shirts took over the airport. I say it here too for the Reds.

I also believe that police and military have all the rights to protect themselves if their lives are in danger.

Take a look at last footage shot by slain photographer Hiro Muramoto. The soldiers didn’t throw the bomb at themselves, I can tell you that much.

Having said that, don’t be too quick to blame either the soldiers/police or the Reds.

There are words on the street that his full footage also included a shot of a masked gunman in black clothing.  I haven’t been able to find that footage, however, thanks to the digital world, images and videos of the mythical “third party” emerged.

Like this one.

Not Red? Not military? Who the fuck are you guys and why do you have big guns on you?

And these faceless anarchists in black sporting big guns and a few molotovs:

I can only pray for my country on this supposedly happy holiday season.

And I hope you do too.

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