More than meet the eyes

The conversation when I ordered the cake for Brandon’s birthday party on Saturday went a little bit like this.

Me: Hi, I’d like to order a cake for 15 people, please.

Great Dane Baking Company: That’ll be a nine-inch cake.  Now what would you like on it?

Me: Transformers.

GD: Which one?

Me: Optimus Prime.

GD: The red and blue one?

Me: Yep.

GD: Okay, what’s the name [to go on the cake]?

Me: Brandon.

GD: How old is he?

Me: Thirty seven…

GD: Did you say seven?

Me: No. Thirty. Seven.

GD: Oh. Hm. Well, I guess we won’t be piping that on the cake, huh? /laughs

Me: Good idea.

And here we are. Behold the geek glory of Brandon’s birthday cake creation.

The awesomest cake. Ever.

This is a 9-inch round, 3-layer high white cake with non-dairy strawberry cream and fresh strawberries, frosted with non-dairy whipped cream.  (Our friend Aurora is allergic to dairy so we went the non-dairy route.)

Underneath all of this big, bold, manly man decoration is pink and white, somebody’s perfect wedding cake.

More than meet the eyes, seriously.

Oh, and Happy Birthday Husband!

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