Power of One

One week in Bangkok. One movie. One episode of a Thai TV novella.

And I’m hooked on the one, super hot Ken, Theeradej Wongpuapan.

This is Ken. Hes yummy.

This is Ken. He's yummy.

I only went home to Thailand for one week and I came back completely obsessed with a Thai TV novella, just like the rest of the female population in the country, Sood Sanaeha, directly translated to “Recipe for Love”.

It’s all about the leading man, Ken, who plays a chef.  He was tasked to teach a superstar to cook because she wants to win the heart of a tycoon, also played by one of my favorite Thai idol, Willy McIntosh.  Of course, the superstar and the Chef fought it out (foreplay!) at the beginning as they slowly fall in love.  Aww….

Anyway.  This obsession all started for me when my friend Pitch took me to see Rod Faifa Ma Ha Na Tuh, BTS: Bangkok Traffic (Love) Story, a blockbuster Thai romantic comedy of the summer.

Look at this trailer. The story itself is relatable and ADORABLE.  I mean, yeah, kind of predictable, but cuuuute!  I’m sitting here smiling watching the trailer.  The theme song is catchy as hell, even to non Thai speakers.  The leading lady, Cris Horwang is so frickin’ cute.  And of course, Ken is just…delicious.


Anyways. At first, I wasn’t going to get in on the soap action.  But everyone insisted that if I have the hots for Ken, I should watch the soap.  So I did the one night I was able to while in Bangkok.  And that was that.  No use getting all tied up in it.

But then a week later, Tong, my BFF, posted a long scream for “Kru Kook”, Teacher Cook, aka Mr. Chef, on Facebook.  I was sorely disappointed that I missed out on the fun.

Until I copied the word Sood Sanaeha in Thai into YouTube.

Now I’m a mere one day behind everyone on the scream fest over Ken…and enjoying the ability to forward past the traditional Thai drama, slow pans, long reaction shots, etc.

And obviously, pause for some close ups.  😉


  1. OnigiriFB   •  

    Ok. Curiosity got the best of me and I actually watched the first episode of sood sanaeha. Umm… holy overacting batman! I have to admit it’s been a LONG time since I’ve seen a lakorn. Do you remember the one where P’Bird played a Japanese soldier? yeah it’s been that long. Are all Thai actors half now? I have to say Ken is cute but I think the other guy, the rich producer guy, is cuter. I usually watch japanese dramas so this something different. Thanks. 🙂

    (Heh. I just got told I traded in bad dramas for worse dramas. Hrmph. Ah well…)

  2. P'Amy   •  

    Greeed! N’Oh+ thanks for sharing ka!!! Suddenly I have to watch this movie – is it still in theaters in Bkk?


  3. oakley   •  

    Last I checked, BTS was playing at a handful of theaters and at weird hours. I saw mine at 4:30 on a Wednesday at Central World. I think the DVD is supposed to drop in January.

    And yeah Sood Sanaeha is typical Thai soap, overacted, overdramatic. Back in the days with P’Bird as Kobori in Ku Kam, I remember the Kleenex full page ad in Thai Rath was “Ku Kam finale is tonight. Do you have your Kleenex?” ROFL!

  4. Amy @ The Q Family   •  

    Ok.. I give too. With many of my Thai friends’ FB status are talking about Kru Kook. 🙂 Watching the first episode and can’t stop laughing at the acting. 🙂 Thanks for sharing.

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