Meatless Tuesday: Week 9

I fell off the wagon.

Just a little bit.

Having been up very late on Monday night, I rolled out of bed on Tuesday and made myself an egg on toast.



  • A slice of buttered 7-grain toast topped with one sunny side up egg cooked in a pat of butter along with slices of vine ripen tomato.
  • A mug of English breakfast tea



  • A small Caesar salad with no croutons. Hey, I’m already off the wagon on the egg today, I might as well!
  • A few spoonful of butternut squash bisque which was absolutely disgusting
  • A big chocolate chips cookies



  • A square of veggie Perry’s pizza…with generous sprinkle of Bacon Salt. – YES it *is* vegetarian!


Satisfaction level: Very satisfied but incredibly guilty.  Grrrr…

Thoughts: I was doing SO WELL!  Then again, lack of sleep contributed greatly to the lapse there.  Otherwise, the rest of the day I did pretty well.

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