Meatless Tuesday: Week 14

Accidental egg consumption! Oh no!!!!

Breakfast & Snack:

  • Starbucks decaf hazelnut soy latte.  This is what I’d order when I want a breakfast in a cup.  The tall decaf Americano with caramel sauce is more of a treat.
  • Fage yogurt with peach.


  • Leftover half of bibimbap from Cafe Sura, the only Korean restaurant in Long Beach!  Fresh, it came out in the traditional sizzling bowl.  Rice gets all crispy in the bottom.  You crack a raw egg on it and watch it get cooked.  And that’s the part I forgot about the leftover.  Half way through I looked down at a piece of yolk.  Oops.
  • Vietnamese green onion pancake.  Nhien bought a pack from 99 Ranch and she heated me one up for my veggie day lunch.  Isn’t she a sweetheart! 🙂
  • Half an Asian pear.


  • Grilled cheese: sourdough with brie and aged cheddar and a generous sprinkle of bacon salt.
  • Chamomile tea and buckwheat honey.

Satisfaction level: So-so.  Being so stressed out, at some point I just want a big juicy burger to take my frustration out on.  But I calmed down and the meat craving went away.  I did want something meatier and not so starchy for dinner since I had a carbs-heavy lunch, but I didn’t really have much else in the fridge and I was too lazy to fix up lentils.

Thoughts: Again, now in week 14, going veggie has become a lot easier.  Stress still brought on the craving of certain things.  But once calmed and collected the next day, I didn’t feel the craving as much.

Now that I seem to have mastered the Meatless Tuesday…well, except for the accidental egg incident…I’m thinking maybe I could go a little bigger.

Maybe I can take on, in addition to Meatless Tuesday, a Beef-less August.  No beef or bison or venison.  Follow my mom’s footsteps on not eating beef (aka harming large animals) for the month of her passing.

What do you think?  Should I?  Could I?

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