10,000 Strong

I posted my 10,000th tweet today.  (And yes, I meant 10,000 when I typed 100,000…)


It wasn’t what I expected. Like I said, twitter went bonkers just as I tried to write my composed message. It figures, doesn’t it?

So, the original 10,000th post was, instead, 10,001st. (And yes, I meant 10,001ST, not 10,001th…)


I know it’s not just me who have forsaken their blogs, the gateway online medium.  As you can tell, I haven’t come by here much any more.  Google Search has proven it. Not that I would dare hope to hold off Gary Vaynerchuk forever for the top spot of search for “oakmonster”.  (And for the record, his is two words for an oaky wine. Mine is one for, well, me, and I’ve been around a while too.)

For some, they keep it up so well despite their daily lives. I could never blog like Rude Cactus. Daily. Without fail. Seriously, dude got a day job AND 2 kids. Where did you find the time, man?  Others are doing it as almost a profession. And some, blogging *is* their profession.

For others, they’ve moved on altogether.  Gnarly Kitty, for example, has made her name right here on the internet as the Thai “it” girl of blogs, but has since moved on to twitter and tumblr only.

But me? I’m still keeping this space despite it all.  Call me sentimental. But some days, all you really want is an evening in front of your computer with a glass of wine.

And here I am thinking, god, only a month from NaNoWriMo. How am I going to fucking make THAT happen if I can’t even keep up the fucking blog that makes me!  What was *I* snorting when I put that on my 2010 goals!?!?!  However, I do have an idea for a memoir…

How do y’all do it, making time for your blog? Want to share some thoughts? And if you’ve done NaNoWrimo, what planet are you from, pray tell?

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  1. Chris Cactus   •  


    Where do I find the time? No friggin idea. Thanks for the shout-out.

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