Nerdvember Day 27: Han Solo

Inspiration: We were going over to our friends’ house for Thanksgiving dinner. Since we don’t have many Nerdvember days left, I really, REALLY want to wear my brand new Gold Bubble Clothing’s Sherlock Holmes dress since I didn’t get to do it last time. The dress looks AWESOME because it’s nice and snug. However, I thought about all the eating we were going to do and then I reconsidered my choice of attire. An A-line dress that does not restrict the belly is a much better choice!

Components: Her Universe Han Solo dress I bought from Hot Topic. Star pendant. And my very own Mandalorian. 😉

Challenges: Accessories, man. Accessories. I don’t have ANYTHING!

Comments from Muggles: A few people at dinner recognized the dress as Han’s. Success!

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